Online training for volunteers (campleaders)

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This online training introduces you to the activities and principles of KVT and challenges you to reflect on volunteer work and its responsibility. The course consists of five parts:

  1. Introduction to KVT and its umbrella organization SCI
  2. Responsible volunteering
  3. Your own motivations and expectations for your volunteer period
  4. Practical matters for camp leaders
  5. Peace and summary

We estimate the duration of the training to be about two hours, and you can complete it in parts at your own pace.

To begin, register by clicking the “Login to enroll” button, and in the window that opens, register by clicking the “Register” button on the right.

After that, you can start by clicking on the arrow under the image to expand the subtitles for section 1 and begin with the top one (Peace). From there, you can proceed by marking each subsection as complete using the “Mark complete” button. The course is completed in order.

Enjoy the training!