Training for volunteers going to long-term projects or camps in the Global South Sat 24.8. in Helsinki

Build solidarity in the world? Gain experiences that carry through life? Learn new skills for the future? All these are a part of international voluntary work!

All volunteers planning to apply to voluntary workcamps in the Global South or long-term volunteering projects of 1-12 months are expected to participate in KVT’s training. Anyone who is planning to do a volunteering project during the year 2024 or 2025 is welcome to sign up, you don’t need to know the exact project yet. The next training will take place on Saturday 24th August 2024 from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

The training will be in Helsinki (the exact location will be announced later). The training day consists of getting to know KVT, learning about different aspects of volunteering abroad, practical arrangements, responsibility and the purpose of volunteering. You will also meet other people who are in the process of preparing for their volunteer experience. All participants are expected to actively take part in the activities and discussions during the day. The trainers will be experienced KVT volunteers, who have themselves also volunteered in different parts of the world.

We will offer breakfast and lunch during the training for a small participation fee.

Before the training day you will first go through an online module. This can be done at everyone’s own pace and it will take approximately 2 hours in total. Bear this in mind when planning your schedules! More information will be sent to you with invitation to the training day.

Sign up to the training by Wednesday 21st August by sending email to . In the email tell us where and how long you are hoping to go in your volunteer project. More detailed info and info for the online module will be send to everyone two weeks before the training. All participants must have their KVT membership paid by the day of the training.


Applications open for camp hosts

Do you know a task that needs some helping hands to get done?

A village house in need of painting, an outdoor area in need of tidying up, a local event without enough organizers or program… Or maybe an online project in need of help or collectors for background info and resources?

Become a host for an international voluntary workcamp or share the info to a friend! KVT is looking for camp hosts for 2024!

KVT organizes about 10 international voluntary workcamps in Finland every year, which support the activities of various non-profit organizations. Volunteers arriving through KVT might work on organic fields, play with children, help with the renovation of common areas and the restoration of traditional landscapes, as well as with the organization of cultural events and all kinds of other work as needed.

What is a voluntary workcamp?

  • Camp consists of 6-16 volunteers from Finland and abroad and 1-2 volunteer camp leaders
  • Camp lasts from 10 days to 3 weeks
  • Work at the camp is simple enough so that volunteers don’t need any special skills
  • Camp host has to be a non-profit community, e.g. an NGO, educational establishment, public institution, cooperative or a congregation
  • Camp host offers volunteers food, accommodation, working instructions and tools
  • Most camps are organized in the summer when people have holidays, but a camp can be organized in other times of the year too
  • KVT will recruit volunteers and camp leaders and support the camp organization if needed

How does a virtual workcamp differ from a traditional workcamp?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our international network started to develop online/virtual workcamps in 2020 to enable volunteer projects also when people can’t travel.

The duration of a virtual workcamp can be shorter, for example 5-7 days, and the camp host only provides work instructions and the necessary programs for the work. No food and accommodation. In a virtual camp volunteers meet and work mainly online.

ihmisiä pukemassa linnunpelättejä

Why should I host a voluntary workcamp?

A camp is a great way to get work done, when it is difficult to find suitable time and enough people to get it done alone. With the help of the camp, you will also gain visibility for the activities of your organization, spread your knowledge and inspire new people to work within the theme of the camp.

At their best, camps bring a lively and energetic atmosphere to local communities and create multicultural encounters in smaller places. If your association or community is lacking some helpful hands, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What does the camp cost to the camp host?

Camp hosts pay KVT’s community fee, which is 220€ in 2024.

In addition on traditional workcamps the camp host is responsible for providing food and accommodation to the volunteers. For a camp that lasts 10 days and has 10 volunteers, the food budget could be around 1500€. Virtual workcamps don’t generate food or accommodation costs for the host, so the organization is likely to be cheaper. Other costs at a camp can come from tools needed for the work, transportation to get to the work site etc.

KVT will take care of the training for camp leaders and provide insurance to all volunteers who come through KVT. Volunteers take care of their own travels as long as public transport is available.

What kind of camps have been organized previously?

Yle’s video about Äijälä family home camp (in Finnish)

Video of Mankila camp 2017

Collection of videos from camps of 2016

Video of Tavastkenkä camp

KVT’s blog also has some stories from previous camp hosts in Finnish (e.g. Porvoo, Mäntsälä, Veneskoski, Forssa). 

Are you interested?

Fill out the preliminary questionnaire for traditional workcamps (in Finnish) or for virtual workcamps (in Finnish). If you need help with filling the form, please contact us! You can also fill it in English. We have a camp host guide in Finnish also, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about organizing a voluntary workcamp. You can reach us at for any camp related questions.

ihmisiä hiomassa Rauhanaseman tuoleja

Voluntary workcamps in Finland

Voluntary workcamp is a possibility to get to know Finland from a new perspective, meet new people and participate in the activities of a local community. You don’t always need to travel far to gain unforgettable experiences and learn something new. You can check the camp descriptions for workcamps organized in Finland from our webpages.

There are three ways to participate in a workcamp in Finland as a national volunteer: apply for camp leader position, join with the reduced camp fee as a national volunteer or apply for our supported camp places. Read more about applying as a camp leader. Below you can read more about how to participate as a national volunteer with reduced camp fee or supported places to Finnish workcamps. For more information and questions you can contact out office (). All camps offer accommodation and food for the volunteers.

National volunteer with reduced camp fee

You can apply to the Finnish camps the same way you would apply to a camp abroad in the camp database: register to the database, search for camps in Finland, fill your application and make the payment to KVT. When you participate in a Finnish camp as a resident in Finland, you don’t pay the normal camp coordination fee, but a decreased fee of 60€ and the KVT membership fee. You can read more about voluntary workcamps and applications or how to become a KVT member. You will also organize your own travels to the camp. Anyone minimum 18-years old are able to apply as volunteers to camps in Finland.

National volunteer with supported camp places

KVT offers some free places on our workcamps to immigrants with fewer opportunities. The supported camp places are offered to e.g. asylym seekers and youth with immgirant background, who couldn’t participate otherwise (e.g. no work or study place, no own networks to get to know Finland). A supported camp place means that the volunteer doesn’t pay camp coordination fee and KVT membership is free. KVT also covers the cost of travel tickets to the camp. More info and application instructions are here.

vapaaehtoinen työntää toista kottikärryissä

We’re looking for a camp leader to Lapland

Do you want to work for peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding? Would you like to spend a couple of weeks this summer by volunteering for a community project and learning about different ways of life in Finland? If your answer is yes, apply to be a camp leader on KVT’s voluntary work camp!

Being a camp leader is an enriching international voluntary work experience. Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö ry (KVT) organizes international voluntary work camps in different parts of Finland every summer.

Right now we’re looking for camp leader to History and Village culture in Lapland camp on 10.8. – 20.8.
You can see the description, location and dates of the camp here. We already have a one camp leader for this camp so you would join this team.

The camps bring together 6-10 volunteers of different nationalities and backgrounds to live and work for projects that benefit local communities and have an impact on a social, cultural or environmental level.

We will train all the camp leaders. Camp leaders will not receive financial compensation but their travels to the camp and to camp leader training will be reimbursed. All volunteers will be provided with food and accommodation during the camp.

If you would like to become a camp leader, please send us an email at

Accessibility information:
Some of the campsites are accessible, and we recommend asking us directly for more information.

The camp leader trainings are organized at Rauhanasema and/or Zoom. We recommend to participate at least one of the training days on site. Rauhanasema is a partially protected over 100-year-old log house on three floors, so accessibility in our premises is a bit challenging to implement due to protection.

The hall, where some of the trainings are held, can be accessed via a ramp from the Messukeskus side of the building. The slope angle is ten degrees.

One of the toilets next to the hall is larger and its doors can be opened wider. The toilet seat has support rails. There is also a collapsible table in this booth.

Peace station follows the principles of a safer space. Please ask more from us in case of doubt.

KVT’s summer: workcamps still open for applications!

With the picture above, we wish everyone a wonderful summer! The picture was taken by our camp leader Jonna on a way to the Tuusula camp in June.

Summer is a busy time for KVT but some of our activities are on a break during the summer holidays. However, it is still possible to join work camps this summer so do stay in touch or make an appointment. Here you can find all the available camps:

To Spain this summer? Become part of Green Diversity

Caring about climate justice, telling my story and getting active? Are you 18 – 30 years old? Do you want to travel to Spain in July? YES! Then apply to become part of the Green Diversity project. 

‘Green Diversity?!’ is a project that aims to equip you with the necessary tools to be visible and be heard with your claim for global climate justice. With your story, you can inspire other young people to speak up themselves. If you care about climate justice and about telling your side of the story, we invite you to our Storytelling Lab in Logroño, Spain, from 18th to 23rd of July 2022.

At the Storytelling Lab, you will meet young people and learn more about different perspectives on climate justice. We will get creative and practice different ways to share our stories and ideas. You will work on building your own personal story and a team to establish a community to strengthen climate justice. The world needs young people who want to raise up their voice and participate/ get involved in climate justice issues.

The costs related to the activity (travels, meals, accommodation on shared rooms, etc.) will be covered by the project Green Diversity through the Erasmus+ programme. All the activities will be implemented on accessible spaces, using non formal techniques and in a suitable lodging to ensure an appropriate attendance and participation of any person.

Complete this form for registering on the selection of participants.

No war in Ukraine! No war anywhere!

We, the undersigned SCI organisations, strongly condemn the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In particular, we express our solidarity with and support for peace movements and peace activists in Ukraine, Russia and internationally, as they resist the war.

We, the undersigned Service Civil International (SCI) organisations, strongly condemn the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In particular, we express our solidarity with and support for peace movements and peace activists in Ukraine, Russia and internationally, as they resist the war.

We are concerned that this invasion leads to a huge number of victims and deaths, injuries and severe emotional distress among civilians and military in the countries concerned. It can cause significant deterioration of infrastructure and the ecosystem, an economic crisis and mass displacement of people.

We call upon the Russian decision makers to immediately stop the violence and withdraw their troops from Ukraine and bordering territories. We call upon the international community and all parties involved to engage in substantial and sincere diplomatic negotiations in accordance with international agreements and place the humanitarian needs of civilians first. We call upon the countries of the European Union to welcome people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and guarantee international protection.

We call upon people within our network and all over the world to stand up against the war in Ukraine. We ask you to join or organise demonstrations for a diplomatic resolution and against a further military escalation of the conflict. Call for an immediate ceasefire as well as a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict on social media and with decision-makers in your countries.

A war undermines efforts at global cooperation. It leads to an increase in military spending, while resources are much needed to address pressing global issues, such as the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the technologies available for warfare today, among them huge arsenals of nuclear weapons, de-escalation is the only way forward.

We call upon people within our network and all over the world to stand up against the war in Ukraine. We ask you to join or organise demonstrations for a diplomatic resolution and against a further military escalation of the conflict. Call for an immediate ceasefire as well as a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict on social media and with decision-makers in your countries.

Peace is a choice that all parties in the conflict must commit to now! Diplomacy is the only real method for conflict resolution! No to war in Ukraine!

Service Civil International is an international peace organisation active since 1920. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organisation consists of 40 branches and more than 90 partner organisations. We oppose all forms of armed conflict and militarization. Since its beginnings, SCI has developed peaceful dialogue between people of all nations, with the vision of a world without armed conflict, hostility and with positive peace. For many years, we have been supporting peace and reconciliation efforts in Ukraine and Russia.

Branches and partners that support this statement:

  1. SCI Hellas
  2. SCI Austria
  3. Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland
  4. ÚTILAPU Hungary
  5. Volonterski centar Vojvodine
  7. SCI Catalunya
  8. Mati Canada (not SCI)
  9. SCI Germany
  10. SCI Italy
  11. GAIA SCI Kosovo
  12. IVP Australia
  13. KVT Finland
  14. SCI Korea
  15. PVN Albania
  16. SCI Madrid
  17. VSI Ireland
  18. SCI Sri Lanka
  19. Association Volontariat Sans Frontière (VSFr Tunisia)
  20. ID Norway
  21. SCI India
  22. SCI Romania
  23. SCI Malaysia
  24. CVS Bulgaria
  25. IVP Indonesia
  26. SCI France
  27. SCI Switzerland
  28. International Voluntary Service (IVS-GB)
  29. VIA Netherlands
  30. SCI Belgium

Call for participant: Mobility of volunteering? Eco-friendly! 6.-13.3.2022 in Austria

Are you interested in international mobility and it’s effects? It’s a topic we can’t really skip when volunteering around the world, so it’s important for us to also think about the pros and cons of international travel and how to develop the practices around international travel. KVT has one place booked for a seminar in March, which is organized by our partner NGO in Austria.

Would you be interested in participating? Send us a message () if you are interested and/or if you need more info. You find more info about the seminar, the work included and how to apply from the organizer’s webpage. The DL for applications is 16th January.

KVT on holidays 24.12.-2.1.

KVT office is closed for Christmas from 24th December until 2nd January.

Many thanks for all the active volunteers, KVT members, camp leaders, camp hosts and other partners for your cooperation! Again, we have had a year full of challenges, but at KVT we have also succeeded in creating and testing new ideas and building our knowledge in new areas. Let’s continue to volunteer, to try new things and to improve our skills also in 2022!

Happy Holidays, see you next year!

The KVT board is looking for new members

Do you have experience related to volunteering or organization with KVT or elsewhere? Do you share KVT’s values and wish to promote understanding and peace between people? Apply for the KVT board!

KVT Finland has promoted peace and understanding between people already for over 70 years. Yearly KVT organizes international voluntary workcamps all around Finland. The camp participants have very different backgrounds. On the camps everyone works for a common goal, which helps deal with prejudice and break boundaries. KVT functions on a grassroots level on behalf of peace,  and doing things together and equality are its core principles.

The KVT board is a group of active members selected by KVT members. The board makes all the decisions for KVT and plans and implements its activities. As a member of the board, you will get to participate in KVT’s work for peace, gain new experiences and learn to know great people in Finland and abroad. As a member of the board, you will also develop your skills outside the board meetings by participating in events, trainings and seminars.

Both those who already have experience as board members from NGO sector and those who are only getting to know this sector, can find things to do in the board. The most important thing for a board member is to share KVT’s values, to participate actively in the work of the board and to have the desire to make an impact. At KVT you will not be a rubber stamp!

Are you interested? Send KVT president Anni Lamponen () a short and informal presentation of yourself. Tell us who you are, how well you know KVT and why you are interested in becoming a board member. Anni will also answer any questions related to board membership – don’t hesitate to contact her! The new board members for 2022 will be selected in KVT’s autumn meeting 24.11.2021.