We’re looking for a camp leader to Lapland

Do you want to work for peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding? Would you like to spend a couple of weeks this summer by volunteering for a community project and learning about different ways of life in Finland? If your answer is yes, apply to be a camp leader on KVT’s voluntary work camp!

Being a camp leader is an enriching international voluntary work experience. Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö ry (KVT) organizes international voluntary work camps in different parts of Finland every summer.

Right now we’re looking for camp leader to History and Village culture in Lapland camp on 10.8. – 20.8.
You can see the description, location and dates of the camp here. We already have a one camp leader for this camp so you would join this team.

The camps bring together 6-10 volunteers of different nationalities and backgrounds to live and work for projects that benefit local communities and have an impact on a social, cultural or environmental level.

We will train all the camp leaders. Camp leaders will not receive financial compensation but their travels to the camp and to camp leader training will be reimbursed. All volunteers will be provided with food and accommodation during the camp.

If you would like to become a camp leader, please send us an email at

Accessibility information:
Some of the campsites are accessible, and we recommend asking us directly for more information.

The camp leader trainings are organized at Rauhanasema and/or Zoom. We recommend to participate at least one of the training days on site. Rauhanasema is a partially protected over 100-year-old log house on three floors, so accessibility in our premises is a bit challenging to implement due to protection.

The hall, where some of the trainings are held, can be accessed via a ramp from the Messukeskus side of the building. The slope angle is ten degrees.

One of the toilets next to the hall is larger and its doors can be opened wider. The toilet seat has support rails. There is also a collapsible table in this booth.

Peace station follows the principles of a safer space. Please ask more from us in case of doubt.