Training for volunteers going to long-term projects or camps in the Global South Sat 25.2. in Helsinki

Build solidarity in the world? Gain experiences that carry through life? Learn new skills for the future? All these are a part of international voluntary work!

All volunteers planning to apply to voluntary workcamps in the Global South or long-term volunteering projects of 1-12 months are expected to participate in KVT’s training. Anyone who is planning to do a volunteering project during the year 2023 is welcome to sign up, you don’t need to know the exact project yet. The next training will take place on Saturday 25th February from 9:30am to 6pm.

The training will be in Helsinki (the exact location will be announced later). The training day consists of getting to know KVT, learning about different aspects of volunteering abroad, practical arrangements, responsibility and the purpose of volunteering. You will also meet other people who are in the process of preparing for their volunteer experience. All participants are expected to actively take part in the activities and discussions during the day. The trainers will be experienced KVT volunteers, who have themselves also volunteered in different parts of the world.

We will offer at least breakfast and coffee during the training for a small participation fee. Lunch will either be offered by us or we will go out together everyone’s own cost, you will get more information about this later when you sign up.

Sign up to the training by Wednesday 22nd February by sending email to . In the email tell us where and how long you are hoping to go in your volunteer project. More detailed info and a preliminary task will be send to everyone one week before the training. All participants must have their KVT membership paid by the day of the training.


Join the KVT Volunteer Weekend on October 1st!

Join us to enjoy the volunteering spirit and get to know other volunteers! All previous KVT volunteers and everyone who wants to get to know KVT and our activities are welcome to participate. The Volunteer Weekend will be organized in Pasila, Helsinki at the Peace Station (Veturitori 3).

PROGRAM: We will start the day on Saturday at noon and continue until about 5:30 pm. The first part of the day (12–3 pm) is reserved for people who have volunteered through KVT (volunteers at camps, long term volunteers, camp leaders and camp hosts etc). You’ll get to share your experience and participate in feedback workshops. From 3 pm onwards we’ll have an open doors event to which all previous volunteers and anyone interested in KVT are welcome to join! We will share information about KVT’s activities, you’ll meet others engaged in or interested in KVT and we will present our Green Diversity? project on climate justice. After the official programme, everyone interested can stay for a sauna evening. KVT will offer lunch for those participating in the first session of the day.

SIGN UP: We ask all participants (also those coming for the open doors event) to sign up beforehand in order to help us plan the details of the day. Signups are open until Wednesday September 28. You can sign up through this link: 

You are warmly welcome!

KVT’s board

Summer picnic Wed 24.8. at 5-8pm in Helsinki

Come start the fall season and KVT’s 75th birthday celebrations with a summer picnic. At the picnic you can meet both KVT board members and other volunteers. You can also bring a friend along to meet us.

Place: Rauhanasema (Veturitori 3), close to Pasila railway station in Helsinki

This picnic will be organized as an international potluck gathering, but we offer coffee, tea and some small sweets. Please bring something with you, or just drop by for a coffee. You can also bring a music instrument, a game or photos your volunteer experiences. Let’s have a fun and relaxed picnic together!

To Spain this summer? Become part of Green Diversity

Caring about climate justice, telling my story and getting active? Are you 18 – 30 years old? Do you want to travel to Spain in July? YES! Then apply to become part of the Green Diversity project. 

‘Green Diversity?!’ is a project that aims to equip you with the necessary tools to be visible and be heard with your claim for global climate justice. With your story, you can inspire other young people to speak up themselves. If you care about climate justice and about telling your side of the story, we invite you to our Storytelling Lab in Logroño, Spain, from 18th to 23rd of July 2022.

At the Storytelling Lab, you will meet young people and learn more about different perspectives on climate justice. We will get creative and practice different ways to share our stories and ideas. You will work on building your own personal story and a team to establish a community to strengthen climate justice. The world needs young people who want to raise up their voice and participate/ get involved in climate justice issues.

The costs related to the activity (travels, meals, accommodation on shared rooms, etc.) will be covered by the project Green Diversity through the Erasmus+ programme. All the activities will be implemented on accessible spaces, using non formal techniques and in a suitable lodging to ensure an appropriate attendance and participation of any person.

Complete this form for registering on the selection of participants.

We’re looking for camp leaders for summer 2022

Do you want to work for peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding?
Would you like to spend a couple of weeks this summer by volunteering for a community project and learning about different ways of life in Finland?
If your answer is yes, apply to be a camp leader on KVT’s voluntary work camps!

Being a camp leader is an enriching international voluntary work experience. Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö ry (KVT) organizes international voluntary work camps in different parts of Finland every summer and is looking for camp leaders for our camps in the summer of 2022!

The camps bring together 5-12 volunteers of different nationalities and backgrounds to live and work for projects that benefit local communities and have an impact on a social, cultural or environmental level. You can see the descriptions, locations and dates of the camps here.

Camp leaders will not receive financial compensation for their participation but their travels to the camp and to camp leader training (if organized as an on-site event) will be reimbursed. All volunteers will be provided with food and accommodation during the camp.

Free places for Voluntary Camp Leaders in the summer 2022

1 camp leader: RENOVATING AND EVENTS FOR LOCAL COMMUNITY 9.8.-18.8.2022, location: Keitele

If you would like to become a camp leader for one of our camps this summer, please send us an email at

No war in Ukraine! No war anywhere!

We, the undersigned SCI organisations, strongly condemn the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In particular, we express our solidarity with and support for peace movements and peace activists in Ukraine, Russia and internationally, as they resist the war.

We, the undersigned Service Civil International (SCI) organisations, strongly condemn the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. In particular, we express our solidarity with and support for peace movements and peace activists in Ukraine, Russia and internationally, as they resist the war.

We are concerned that this invasion leads to a huge number of victims and deaths, injuries and severe emotional distress among civilians and military in the countries concerned. It can cause significant deterioration of infrastructure and the ecosystem, an economic crisis and mass displacement of people.

We call upon the Russian decision makers to immediately stop the violence and withdraw their troops from Ukraine and bordering territories. We call upon the international community and all parties involved to engage in substantial and sincere diplomatic negotiations in accordance with international agreements and place the humanitarian needs of civilians first. We call upon the countries of the European Union to welcome people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine and guarantee international protection.

We call upon people within our network and all over the world to stand up against the war in Ukraine. We ask you to join or organise demonstrations for a diplomatic resolution and against a further military escalation of the conflict. Call for an immediate ceasefire as well as a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict on social media and with decision-makers in your countries.

A war undermines efforts at global cooperation. It leads to an increase in military spending, while resources are much needed to address pressing global issues, such as the climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the technologies available for warfare today, among them huge arsenals of nuclear weapons, de-escalation is the only way forward.

We call upon people within our network and all over the world to stand up against the war in Ukraine. We ask you to join or organise demonstrations for a diplomatic resolution and against a further military escalation of the conflict. Call for an immediate ceasefire as well as a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the conflict on social media and with decision-makers in your countries.

Peace is a choice that all parties in the conflict must commit to now! Diplomacy is the only real method for conflict resolution! No to war in Ukraine!

Service Civil International is an international peace organisation active since 1920. We are dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organising international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organisation consists of 40 branches and more than 90 partner organisations. We oppose all forms of armed conflict and militarization. Since its beginnings, SCI has developed peaceful dialogue between people of all nations, with the vision of a world without armed conflict, hostility and with positive peace. For many years, we have been supporting peace and reconciliation efforts in Ukraine and Russia.

Branches and partners that support this statement:

  1. SCI Hellas
  2. SCI Austria
  3. Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat – SCI Poland
  4. ÚTILAPU Hungary
  5. Volonterski centar Vojvodine
  7. SCI Catalunya
  8. Mati Canada (not SCI)
  9. SCI Germany
  10. SCI Italy
  11. GAIA SCI Kosovo
  12. IVP Australia
  13. KVT Finland
  14. SCI Korea
  15. PVN Albania
  16. SCI Madrid
  17. VSI Ireland
  18. SCI Sri Lanka
  19. Association Volontariat Sans Frontière (VSFr Tunisia)
  20. ID Norway
  21. SCI India
  22. SCI Romania
  23. SCI Malaysia
  24. CVS Bulgaria
  25. IVP Indonesia
  26. SCI France
  27. SCI Switzerland
  28. International Voluntary Service (IVS-GB)
  29. VIA Netherlands
  30. SCI Belgium

Open doors at KVT on Thu June 2nd

Come meet us and the world of international volunteering! You can ask us about volunteering options, exchange stories or just pop in to say hi.

How wonderful would it be to meet new and old volunteers now that the world starts to open again! KVT starts having open doors again after a long while. Come to our office on Thursday June 2nd at 4-6 pm. Come as you are: we will offer coffee and tea and good talks.

If you are a new volunteer you can learn about different ways to participate and hear stories from others. If you have participated with KVT before, you can share your memories with us. You can come to the office at any point during the open doors time. Our office is located in the yellow wooden building Peace Station in Pasila, Helsinki. Street address is Veturitori 3. Come to the entrance at the side of the building closest to Pasila station, ring buzzer that says KVT and then come up the stairs to the second floor. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Call for participant: Mobility of volunteering? Eco-friendly! 6.-13.3.2022 in Austria

Are you interested in international mobility and it’s effects? It’s a topic we can’t really skip when volunteering around the world, so it’s important for us to also think about the pros and cons of international travel and how to develop the practices around international travel. KVT has one place booked for a seminar in March, which is organized by our partner NGO in Austria.

Would you be interested in participating? Send us a message () if you are interested and/or if you need more info. You find more info about the seminar, the work included and how to apply from the organizer’s webpage. The DL for applications is 16th January.

KVT on holidays 24.12.-2.1.

KVT office is closed for Christmas from 24th December until 2nd January.

Many thanks for all the active volunteers, KVT members, camp leaders, camp hosts and other partners for your cooperation! Again, we have had a year full of challenges, but at KVT we have also succeeded in creating and testing new ideas and building our knowledge in new areas. Let’s continue to volunteer, to try new things and to improve our skills also in 2022!

Happy Holidays, see you next year!

Workshop on responsible volunteering: Wed Nov 17 (online)

Do we need international volunteering? Who benefits from it? What should international volunteering look like in the future and in the post-COVID world? Come and discuss these questions and different takes on responsible volunteering with us!

KVT’s online workshop with this topic is held on Wednesday November 17th at 17.30-20.00. The workshop is a continuation of a similar-themed workshop we’ve held before, but you don’t need to have participated in the earlier workshop or have international volunteering experience in order to join this workshop – everyone is welcome!

We will also have participants from some of our partner organizations around the world, and the workshop will be held in English.

The workshop is held online, on Zoom. Registration in advance through this link. After you register, you’ll get your individual link to join automatically. We will accept 15 participants in the registration order.

Registered participants will get a small pre-task a few days before the workshop to get more familiar with the topic.


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