For volunteers from abroad

Are you interested in volunteering in Finland for a local community project? We organise international voluntary workcamps every summer in Finland and volunteers from different countries can apply to participate.

What is a voluntary workcamp?

During a voluntary workcamp you will meet people from different countries, and from Finland as well. The basic idea of a workcamp is that volunteers from different countries work together on a project that benefits the local community. The camps usually last from ten days to three weeks. The work does not typically require special skills. It is important that people who take part in KVT’s camps can speak English because it is the language used during the camps. You need to be at least 18 years old to participate, but younger people can apply to participate with their parents. Volunteers live together during the camp, in a basic accommodation provided by the camp host. Volunteering can provide opportunities to learn about Finnish culture and customs through active participation in a project that benefits a local community.

kaksi ihmistä maalaamassa kylttejä

How to apply to a workcamp in Finland?

We do all our volunteer exchanges through our international network Service Civil International (SCI). This means that all volunteers will have their own local organisation in their home country as a sending organisation and KVT acts as the hosting/receiving organisation for volunteers who come to Finland.

  • Volunteers should check what is their local sending organisation and see if there are any requirements for the volunteers before the organisation can act as the sending organisation. If there is no organisation in the volunteer’s home country they can contact SCI.
  • After that volunteers can fill an application to the camp either through the SCI camp database or another platform that is used by the sending organisation. We do not accept applications that don’t come through an approved sending organisation. Once you have sent your application it will be processed at the KVT office.
  • If we offer you a place on a workcamp, it is good to remember that volunteers will get food and accommodation during the workcamp, but they will have to organise and pay their own travels to get to the workcamp and home again. We also recommend getting a private travel insurance as the insurance we have for volunteers only covers illness during the camp (not e.g. getting ill during the travel to the camp or any of your belongings or luggage). Volunteer is responsible for organising their visa if such needed to enter Finland (KVT can send an invitation letter for the camp if needed).

Are there any long term volunteering positions available?

Currently KVT doesn’t have any long term volunteering projects or European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects in Finland. If at some point a long term volunteering project came up, it would be shared on our website and social media channels and in the SCI network. Long term volunteering positions would usually also require for the volunteer to have a sending organisation from the SCI network.

How to prepare for volunteer work in Finland?

For voluntary workcamps you will have accommodation and food provided to you. Usually the host also provides you with all the work equipment you need (but you might be asked to bring suitable shoes or clothes for the work). Sometimes, depending on the accommodation, you might be asked to bring a sleeping bag. It is also good to have swimsuit/towel and some mosquito repellent. Even though our workcamps are organised in the summer season, it is good to notice that the weather can vary from rains to sunshine and temperature can be anything from +5 to +30. If you have been accepted to a voluntary workcamp you will also receive an camp specific infosheet from KVT about a month before the camp.