For migrants in Finland

We invite asylum seekers and immigrants living in Finland to participate in KVT’s volunteering projects. Volunteering can provide opportunities to learn about Finnish culture and customs through active participation in a project that benefits a local community. Volunteering can also be seen as a way to support the integration of different kinds of people into the Finnish society and provide opportunities for those who would otherwise struggle to learn about Finnish culture and different regions.

During a workcamp (that is how the volunteering projects are called) you will meet people from different countries, and from Finland as well. The basic idea of a workcamp is that volunteers from different countries work together on a project that benefits the local community. The camps usually last from ten days to three weeks. The work does not typically require special skills. It is important that people who take part in KVT’s camps can speak English because it is the language used during the camps. You need to be at least 18 years old to participate, but younger people can apply to participate with their parents. Volunteers live together during the camp, in a basic accommodation provided by the camp host. It is useful to look for camps near where you live, in order to create contacts with the local host organisation and the Finnish participants, in case you want to stay in touch with them after the workcamp.

After the workcamp you could also continue as a KVT volunteer. Read more about our working groups and other activities.

There are different ways to volunteer, and below you can find three ways to participate in workcamps in Finland. If you have any questions, please contact us by email () or phone/Whatsapp +358451049829.

1. Apply to camps in Finland with a lowered fee

We offer the possibility for volunteers already living in Finland to participate in Finnish workcamps with a lowered fee. This means that you will join as a KVT member and apply through the camp database the same way as you would apply for a camp abroad, but instead of paying the normal camp coordination fee you will pay only 60€ as camp coordination fee.  All volunteers with minimum age of 18 can apply.

How to apply?

1.  Our international camp database is found here. You need to register to the database to fill an application to a camp. You can check for more instructions about the application process.

2. After you have filled out and submitted your application, go pay the KVT membership fee and the lowered camp coordination fee (remember to fill your membership information too). Send a receipt (screenshot is enough) of your paid fees to . This way we can process your application as soon we see that payment is done.

3. We will inform you of the processing of you application as soon as possible!

2. KVT covers the participation for asylum seekers

For the past ten years KVT has offered possibility to participate in Finnish workcamps without the fees for asylum seekers and other immigrants in similar position. KVT covers the volunteers’ travel costs to and from the workcamp, and food and accommodation during the camp are free of charge. Volunteers are added as KVT members, but they don’t have to pay the membership fee. After the camp, the volunteer will receive a certificate of their participation.

How to apply?

1. Find a camp that suits you from our camp list.

2. Fill in this application and send it to our office: KVT ry, Rauhanasema, Veturitori 3, 00520 Helsinki or by email to .

3. We will answer you as soon as possible!

3. Apply as camp leader in Finnish workcamps

Each year KVT is looking for camp leaders for workcamps organized in Finland. Camp leader’s main task is to take care of the group spirit of the volunteers and be a link between KVT, camp host and volunteers. KVT organizes a training for all camp leaders and reimburses participants for travel costs to the training and to the camp. During the camp the camp leader gets food and accommodation the same as all volunteers. After the camp KVT writes certificates for all camp leaders. A camp leader has to be minimum 18 years, a KVT member and speak English well.

How to apply?

1. Find a few camps that you would be interested in from our camp list.

2. Send us email () and tell us about your interest to be a camp leader. You can read more about the camp leader’s tasks and application process.

3. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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