Voluntary work abroad

Through KVT you can volunteer in the world both in short-term voluntary workcamps and long-term volunteering projects.

Volunteering around the world is a wonderful and educating experience. You will meet people from different backgrounds and build understanding, friendship and broader worldviews while working together. You will gain experience of being a member of a group and a community and have an impact on grassroots level peace work. By volunteering, you are likely to learn a great deal about both the culture and the society of your destination but also about yourself. You will gain new perspectives and get to know places, people and communities that you might never otherwise encounter.

At a voluntary workcamp you participate in a group project organized by a local partner. During the camp you will work on different themes and tasks, and you can also participate with a friend or family member. Camps are available all year round, but most choice you will have during the summer.

As a long-term volunteer you can participate in project with many of our partners for varying lengths of time. You are assigned a certain task, but you are often able to influence the work yourself too. In a long-term project you can dive deeper into the local culture and life. Various projects are ongoing all year round around the world.