Voluntary workcamps in Finland

Voluntary workcamp is a possibility to get to know Finland from a new perspective, meet new people and participate in the activities of a local community. You don’t always need to travel far to gain unforgettable experiences and learn something new. You can check the camp descriptions for workcamps organized in Finland from our webpages.

There are three ways to participate in a workcamp in Finland as a national volunteer: apply for camp leader position, join with the reduced camp fee as a national volunteer or apply for our supported camp places. Read more about applying as a camp leader. Below you can read more about how to participate as a national volunteer with reduced camp fee or supported places to Finnish workcamps. For more information and questions you can contact out office (). All camps offer accommodation and food for the volunteers.

National volunteer with reduced camp fee

You can apply to the Finnish camps the same way you would apply to a camp abroad in the camp database: register to the database, search for camps in Finland, fill your application and make the payment to KVT. When you participate in a Finnish camp as a resident in Finland, you don’t pay the normal camp coordination fee, but a decreased fee of 60€ and the KVT membership fee. You can read more about voluntary workcamps and applications or how to become a KVT member. You will also organize your own travels to the camp. Anyone minimum 18-years old are able to apply as volunteers to camps in Finland.

National volunteer with supported camp places

KVT offers some free places on our workcamps to immigrants with fewer opportunities. The supported camp places are offered to e.g. asylym seekers and youth with immgirant background, who couldn’t participate otherwise (e.g. no work or study place, no own networks to get to know Finland). A supported camp place means that the volunteer doesn’t pay camp coordination fee and KVT membership is free. KVT also covers the cost of travel tickets to the camp. More info and application instructions are here.

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