Applications open for camp hosts

Do you know a task that needs some helping hands to get done?

A village house in need of painting, an outdoor area in need of tidying up, a local event without enough organizers or program… Or maybe an online project in need of help or collectors for background info and resources?

Become a host for an international voluntary workcamp or share the info to a friend! KVT is looking for camp hosts for 2024!

KVT organizes about 10 international voluntary workcamps in Finland every year, which support the activities of various non-profit organizations. Volunteers arriving through KVT might work on organic fields, play with children, help with the renovation of common areas and the restoration of traditional landscapes, as well as with the organization of cultural events and all kinds of other work as needed.

What is a voluntary workcamp?

  • Camp consists of 6-16 volunteers from Finland and abroad and 1-2 volunteer camp leaders
  • Camp lasts from 10 days to 3 weeks
  • Work at the camp is simple enough so that volunteers don’t need any special skills
  • Camp host has to be a non-profit community, e.g. an NGO, educational establishment, public institution, cooperative or a congregation
  • Camp host offers volunteers food, accommodation, working instructions and tools
  • Most camps are organized in the summer when people have holidays, but a camp can be organized in other times of the year too
  • KVT will recruit volunteers and camp leaders and support the camp organization if needed

How does a virtual workcamp differ from a traditional workcamp?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our international network started to develop online/virtual workcamps in 2020 to enable volunteer projects also when people can’t travel.

The duration of a virtual workcamp can be shorter, for example 5-7 days, and the camp host only provides work instructions and the necessary programs for the work. No food and accommodation. In a virtual camp volunteers meet and work mainly online.

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Why should I host a voluntary workcamp?

A camp is a great way to get work done, when it is difficult to find suitable time and enough people to get it done alone. With the help of the camp, you will also gain visibility for the activities of your organization, spread your knowledge and inspire new people to work within the theme of the camp.

At their best, camps bring a lively and energetic atmosphere to local communities and create multicultural encounters in smaller places. If your association or community is lacking some helpful hands, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What does the camp cost to the camp host?

Camp hosts pay KVT’s community fee, which is 220€ in 2024.

In addition on traditional workcamps the camp host is responsible for providing food and accommodation to the volunteers. For a camp that lasts 10 days and has 10 volunteers, the food budget could be around 1500€. Virtual workcamps don’t generate food or accommodation costs for the host, so the organization is likely to be cheaper. Other costs at a camp can come from tools needed for the work, transportation to get to the work site etc.

KVT will take care of the training for camp leaders and provide insurance to all volunteers who come through KVT. Volunteers take care of their own travels as long as public transport is available.

What kind of camps have been organized previously?

Yle’s video about Äijälä family home camp (in Finnish)

Video of Mankila camp 2017

Collection of videos from camps of 2016

Video of Tavastkenkä camp

KVT’s blog also has some stories from previous camp hosts in Finnish (e.g. Porvoo, Mäntsälä, Veneskoski, Forssa). 

Are you interested?

Fill out the preliminary questionnaire for traditional workcamps (in Finnish) or for virtual workcamps (in Finnish). If you need help with filling the form, please contact us! You can also fill it in English. We have a camp host guide in Finnish also, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about organizing a voluntary workcamp. You can reach us at for any camp related questions.

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