Training for volunteers going to long-term projects or camps in the Global South Sat 24.8. in Helsinki

Build solidarity in the world? Gain experiences that carry through life? Learn new skills for the future? All these are a part of international voluntary work!

All volunteers planning to apply to voluntary workcamps in the Global South or long-term volunteering projects of 1-12 months are expected to participate in KVT’s training. Anyone who is planning to do a volunteering project during the year 2024 or 2025 is welcome to sign up, you don’t need to know the exact project yet. The next training will take place on Saturday 24th August 2024 from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

The training will be in Helsinki (the exact location will be announced later). The training day consists of getting to know KVT, learning about different aspects of volunteering abroad, practical arrangements, responsibility and the purpose of volunteering. You will also meet other people who are in the process of preparing for their volunteer experience. All participants are expected to actively take part in the activities and discussions during the day. The trainers will be experienced KVT volunteers, who have themselves also volunteered in different parts of the world.

We will offer breakfast and lunch during the training for a small participation fee.

Before the training day you will first go through an online module. This can be done at everyone’s own pace and it will take approximately 2 hours in total. Bear this in mind when planning your schedules! More information will be sent to you with invitation to the training day.

Sign up to the training by Wednesday 21st August by sending email to . In the email tell us where and how long you are hoping to go in your volunteer project. More detailed info and info for the online module will be send to everyone two weeks before the training. All participants must have their KVT membership paid by the day of the training.