Update on KVT’s policy regarding the coronavirus

KVT Finland board has in its meeting on 5th of May discussed the COVID-19 situation and its effects on KVT’s projects. The pandemic is still very difficult around the world and volunteering abroad remains restricted. We will send volunteers only to countries with no travel restrictions according to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The leading principle in KVT’s actions is responsibility and in this situation we still cannot responsibly promote international mobility everywhere in the world. We still want to promote and build peace in the areas where it is possible both in Finland and abroad and offer meaningful projects to our volunteers in the safest way possible.

We don’t want to expose our volunteers or the communities we work with to any risk of contracting the virus. In many countries and regions the healthcare system is already burdened and accessing services is limited. We don’t want to put any extra burden on healthcare by encouraging volunteers to travel abroad.

Plans for workcamps in Finland for the summer are in progress and we also invite volunteers from Finland to participate in Finnish workcamps this year.

The board and working groups are still planning activities that could be done safely online. Still to come are, for example, a follow-up to the workshop on ethical and responsible volunteering, international coffee breaks and KVT’s info evenings. Online trainings will also be organized if it becomes possible to send volunteers abroad. We will give more information on these events on our website and in our social media channels. We will also share initiatives from our partner organisations in Finland and abroad to which you can participate online.

We still follow the pandemic closely both in Finland and elsewhere in the world and we review the situation monthly in board meetings. We also take part in regular discussions within our international network Service Civil International (SCI). We will continue to publish all future decisions on our website and in our social media channels. SCI also has a website where they give information on all common decisions and practices the network makes.

If you have any questions on KVT activities or decisions, please contact KVT office ().