Suomen vapaaehtoistyöleirit 2018

Suomen vapaaehtoistyöleirit 2018 / Summer Camps in Finland 2018

Kuka voi osallistua?

KVT:n Suomessa järjestämät vapaaehtoistyöleirit ovat tarkoitettu ulkomailta saapuville vapaaehtoisille ja Suomessa asuville maahanmuuttajille. Suomalaiset voivat osallistua Suomen leireille leirinvetäjinä. Lisätietoa leirinvetämisestä täältä.

Who can participate?

If you are an immigrant/asylum seeker living in Finland, and wish to take part in one of our summer camps, please look through the list of our camps below, and send an application form to


Number of Volunteers: 12

Description: Vanhamäki Wellness Center organizes camps and recreational days for different groups with horses, exercise and organic farming and products as key themes. Vanhamäki has an organic farm and produces different kinds of canned goods, berry powders and green powders. There is also a forest activity park that is aimed for everyone.

Type of Work: The volunteers will participate in the work of the farm, and in developing its activities. They can, for example, build an element to the forest activity park, get acquainted with organic farming and product development or help with the horse stables. During their free time, the volunteers can go to the sauna, spend evenings by the fire, swim, do sports and play tennis.

Study Theme: Organic farming.

Accommodation: In shared rooms, with separate spaces for men and women. Beds and sheets are provided for the volunteers.

Language: English

Approximate Location: Suonenjoki, Eastern Finland


FI-KVT 11.2 FARMING COMMUNITY! 24.6.-8.7.2018

Number of Volunteers: 14

Description: Herttoniemi Food Co-op is the first community supported agriculture project in Finland. It is a co-op of about 200 members that grows organic vegetables on 3,5-hectare field in Vantaa, close to Helsinki, with the help of a professional gardener. It is also possible to order other kind of organic and locally grown produce via the co-op. One aim of the project is to spread knowledge about community supported agriculture In Finland and so far the project has gained lots of attention by the media. More info:

Type of Work: The volunteers will work on the field with weeding, watering, planting and building.

Study Theme: Community supported agriculture and urban gardening as means for future food production. A study trip to Helsinki’s urban gardening sites and community gardens will be organized.

Accommodation: The volunteers will be staying at the nearby Waldorf school in a basic floor accommodation, about 2km from the nearest train station. A sleeping bag is required. The volunteers will cook the meals themselves in the kitchen of the school.

Approximate Location: Vantaa









FI-KVT 4.1 FOOD NOT BOMBS 2.-14.7.2018

Number of Volunteers: 11

Description: Food Not Bombs is an international campaign that works in hundreds of cities around the world. Food Not Bombs is trying to inspire the public to participate in changing society by helping concretely and to focus the resources on solving problems like hunger, homelessness and poverty while seeking an end to war and the destruction of the environment. It works by giving out vegetarian meals in public places to anyone in need.

Type of Work: During the camp six meal sharing events around Helsinki will be organized. The volunteer tasks include cooking the meals, taking it to the place of the event, giving it out and cleaning up afterwards. Other tasks include participating in the PR of the meal sharing events and getting food donations. No special skills are needed.

Study Theme: There will be discussions on the history and ideology of the Food Not Bombs campaign, nonviolence, vegetarianism and social problems in Finland.

Accommodation: Volunteers will live at the Peace Station in Helsinki where many peace organisations reside. The accommodation is simple and a sleeping bag is required as volunteers will sleep on mattresses in a shared space. There are bathrooms, kitchen, shower and sauna for the volunteers to use. The food will be mainly the same that is offered in the events around town. All the food is vegetarian.

Language: English

Requirements: Extra motivation letter is required. Volunteers should be interested in antimilitarism, nonviolence and peaceful conflict resolution.

Location: Helsinki

Notes: The accommodation facilities and the nature of the work might prove difficult for a person with physical disabilities. Families can apply to the camp if the lack of privacy in accommodation is not a problem.



Number of Volunteers: 8

Description: Veskansan ry is a local, non-profit village association in the village of Pettilä in Savitaipale, Southeastern Finland. The association is dedicated to providing social activities for the local community: it maintains its own garden with a greenhouse, a cafeteria and a flea market, and organizes various community events during the summer. This year, the association warmly welcomes a group of SCI volunteers to bring some international spirit in its summer activities. Savitaipale is a small municipality surrounded by beautiful landscapes of forest and lakes, and the nearby area is home to several interesting historical sites, such as Niinivuori rockpainitings that date back to the stone age.

Type of Work: Volunteers will assist in organizing the annual Country Market and pedal car competition in the village, and also help in the garden, the cafeteria and the flea market. The work will include for example cooking and baking, gardening work, and various tasks before, during and after the Country Market, such as making advertisements for the event, setting up tents, and selling and serving food during the event. During their free time, the volunteers will have a possibility to meet with young people from the village and try some typical Finnish summer activities, such as swimming in a lake and going to fishing, boating or berry-picking.

Study Theme: Local heritage

Accommodation: In a shared room. Mattresses and bed sheets will be provided for the volunteers. Separate bathrooms and showers for women and men will be available. Part of the meals will be provided by the camp host and part of them will be cooked by the volunteers themselves.

Language: English

Approximate Location: Savitaipale, Eastern Finland


FI-KVT 13.1 ÄIJÄLÄ GARDENING 3.-15.7.2018

Number of Volunteers: 10

Description: Äijälä Family Home is situated near Jyväskylä in Central Finland. The community’s aim is to support its residents and other clients in their everyday life and life management. The community works with organic gardening and it has a charming old farmhouse which has been renovated to be a home for disabled people. Äijälä Family Home offers supportive work activities for long-term unemployed people, too.

Äijälä has been hosting KVT workcamps since 1980.

Type of Work: Volunteers of the camp are going to help the community mainly with gardening tasks. Work is going to be, for example, gardening, planting trees and plants, cutting grass, harvesting and chopping firewood. The volunteers will also work in the kitchen and do some house chores. Work will be done together with the residents and other clients and workers of the community.

Study Theme: During the camp the volunteers will learn about organic farming.

Accommodation: In shared rooms in a 200-year-old wooden farmhouse, the main building of the farm.

Language: English

Approximate Location: Jyskä, near Jyväskylä



Number of Volunteers: 10

Description: Come and help to organize an Open Carnival and share stories of an international neighbourhood! Badbaado is a grassroot social organization run by Finnish Somalis living in Helsinki area. The organization offers different cultural activities and social support according to the needs of the Somali community in Eastern Helsinki. One of Badbaado’s annual events is Puhos-festival, organized in the multicultural neighborhood of Itäkeskus in order to promote positive encounters between locals from different backgrounds. Lapinlahden lähde is a community space run by different organizations that supports mental health and well being by organizing different grassroot level social activities together with artist form different fields. On the Night of the Arts on August 23rd the city is filled with music, dance, theatre and visual arts. The camp will help multiculturality project Miitti to organize an event called Open Carnival at Lapinlahden lähde, in which they will give a dance and costume making workshop for people with different backgrounds.

Type of work: The volunteers will get introduced to the activities of Badbaado and Finland’s Somalia Network. They will organize a photography and storytelling project focusing on stories of the residents of the international Itäkeskus neighborhood. They will also help with some practical arrangements of the Puhos festival. The outcomes of the project will be presented at the festival and in a blog. In addition, the volunteers will help with the carnival costume and dance workshops of Miitti and take part in the Open Carnival on the Night of the Arts. The volunteers will help other participants with costume making and encourage their participation in dance and other activities of the Carnival.

Study theme: The volunteers will learn about Finnish-Somali relations and the position of Somali community in Finland through getting introduced to the work of Badbaado and Finland’s Somalia Network. They will, for example, have a possibility to take part or help with practical arrangements in the Iska Warrani -conference that deals with timely topics among Finland’s Somali community. The volunteers will also learn about different means of city activism and ways of promoting intercultural communication. They will learn about the use of photography, interview and blog keeping as means of storytelling and social activism.

Accommodation: In Seikkailutalo youth house in a beautiful location by the sea in Vuosaari district, Eastern Helsinki. There are many interesting free time activities available such as canoeing and different outdoor games. The house has a kitchen, and the volunteers will cook most of the meals by themselves. The volunteers will sleep on mattresses on the floor and will need to bring their own sleeping bags. Tickets for public transportation will be provided for the volunteers.

Language: English

Requirements: An extra motivation letter is required. Volunteers should be interested in intercultural communication, media and arts, and to be ready to take part in a project that involves work with different organizations and in different locations in the city. As keeping a blog will be part of the project, interest in writing, photographing or editing will be an advantage.

Location: Helsinki

Notes: This camp is part of the SCI’s project Branching Out: (re)connecting ideas that seeks to promote collaboration between organizations working on themes of social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.


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