Meet Lidia – a former KVT volunteer!

This week we met an old friend Lidia Krinova, who was an EVS volunteer in KVT office 10 years ago! What does she think about her experience now and how has it influenced her life? Read more! 

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Lidia Krinova from Russia. Just got my Master in Marine Biology and will continue my research on humpback whales of North Pacific. I am also a Chairperson of AYA Volunteer Center in Moscow. I am in charge of Russian workcamps and administrative questions.

When did you volunteer with KVT?

My half a year EVS was with KVT as a incoming placement officer in Rauhanasema in 2008, 10 years ago. Can not believe it, feels like yesterday.

What did you do as KVT volunteer?

It was partly an office work, camp visits during the summer season and I also lead KVT projects in Rihu biodynamic farm and in Keuruu eco-village. I also took part in SCI Summer University in Austria, met other SCI people.

Lidia with her AYA volunteer group in Russia.

How has your volunteer experience influenced your life?

I think it changed everything. I came back home as a different person. Experienced life abroad with people from different backgrounds, met amazing people from all over the world. Don’t know how to explain it. You just change but you cannot evaluate it or measure it. At some point you become more tolerant and you are just different, totally different.

Because of Finland I learned how to be in peace with myself on my own, that I am as a woman can do the same things as men and should not be scared of any challenges.

Has the experience been useful to your professional life?

It definitely was. KVT has everything very well organised. I came back to Moscow and after several years started AYA Volunteer center with a team of other dreamers. I was inspired by board members and volunteers of KVT who actively participated in different activities and supported me in any possible ways. We had EVS volunteers in Moscow and I could see then how challenging it can be for an NGO and how much work KVT people have done to make me feel as at home.

What are your best memories of Finland?

I loved our team in Keuruu village. We had volunteers with different ages, from 21 up to 66. And we had so much fun. The most magical activity we had was a blind guided walk at night in the forest and trust exercises organised by 2 volunteers. I am still in contact with these amazing people and visited some of them in their home countries.

Looking back at these 6 months here with KVT I feel so much love and I am so thankful that it was here and in Finland and with SCI community.

Lidia reunited in Anjalankoski with her ex-KVT-colleague Mikko-Ville.

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  • 9.11.2018 | Sunil

    It’s so nice know more about your volunteer career. I am much obliged to you for the wonderful photos and the video clip of my performance at last day of EPM in Finland. I wish best of the luck with your AYA organization and like to participate a work camp in Russia some day. Thank you very much Mikko-Ville too for transporting us from Anjalankoski to Helsinki. See you all again some day some where. Thank you very much KVT, Anni, Meri, Heidi and Laura and all. Sunil from Sri Lanka


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