Yhteistä ymmärrystä

Leiripaikkoja turvapaikanhakijoille // KVT camps for asylum seekers

KVT:n Yhteistä ymmärrystä -toiminta pyörähtää taas käyntiin ja avasimme tuttuun tapaan leirihaun turvapaikanhakijoille. // KVT’s Awakening awareness initiative is running again and we are looking for asylums seekers to join KVT’s camps in Finland.

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”We meet different countries, we bond, we work together, we become friends, we promote peace.”

Näin kuvailee kokemustaan KVT:n leirillä ollut pakolaistaustainen vapaaehtoinen. Hän oli yksi viidestätoista turvapaikanhakijasta, joka osallistui KVT:n Suomen vapaaehtoistyöleirille kesällä 2015. Lue loppuun

KVT Maailma kylässä -festivaaleilla 23.-24.5.

Tule juttelemaan vapaaehtoistemme kanssa Maailma kylässä -festivaaleille tänä viikonloppuna!

KVT:n piste sijaitsee Mahdollisuuksien tori -teltassa Monsuuni-lavan puolella B-osiossa (B 192). Pisteellämme voit tutustua uusiin ihmisiin, osallistua Afrikka-tuotepaketin arvontaan sekä inspiroitua tutustumalla monipuolisiin vapaaehtoistyömahdollisuuksiin maailmalla ja kotimaassa! Lue loppuun

Weekend of Action: Sunday 19th Library of Peace

The Weekend of Action continues on Sunday the 19th of October, when the Awakening Awareness- initiatitive hosts a Library of Peace at the Peacestation in Pasila. The event will take place between 12-16. The event is open for all and there will also be storytelling for children!


The aim of the event is to discuss human rights, in theory as well as in practice. What  are human rights, who has the right to have rights and how do they represent themselves in an everyday life. We will learn through the stories of our speakers what do human rights mean in practice and how they have affected their lives.

12.00 Introduction

12.15- 13.00

Hope Nwosu will discuss her adaptation into a Finnish culture from her Nigerian background and read short cuts from her new novel.


Angelina Arial will accommodate an exercise related to the independence of South Sudan and she will also discuss the current political situation and activities related to peace building in Southern Sudan.


Oksana Chelyseva is a Ukrainian journalist currently living in Finland. Oksana will be addressing the concept of human rights  in Russia as well as  Ukraine, paying special attention to the current conflict in Ukraine.

14.30 Break


Awakening Awareness-film from Lieksa (2013)

Share your  thoughts and books:

If some of your favourite books, or books that have affected your way of thinking are related to peace/human rights, please feel free to bring them along and share them with others.  You are also welcome to read extracts from them during the breaks.

Tea & coffee, snacks and Iranian vegetarian soup will also be on offer!


All Welcome!

Ympäristönkasvatusta Rauhanasemalla -Workshop on Environmental Education

As a part of the initiative an evening workshop on environmental education was held in Rauhanasema.The aim of the workshop was to involve some of our camphosts and guestspeakers alike. The idea to involve our camphosts came about very naturally, because we were having two workcamps running simultaneously in  Helsinki area in early July. The activities of the evening were all related to food consumerism and food consumption.

The representative from the Herttoniemi food-cooperative, Galina Kallio, gave an insightful account into the Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) in Finland. We had an chance to learn how and when CSA came to Finland as well as to gain a better understanding of basic principles and ideals behind CSA. To realise how widespread the ideology of CSA has been, Yingly Guo gave an account on emerging forms of CSA in China.

Pelkkää Roskaa?-näyttely

An another interesting presentation was delivered by Juuso Vähä-Piikkiö, whose photoexhibition ”Just Rubbish? visualised very effectively the amount of food that supermarkets throw away on a daily basis. The photoexhibition consisted of pictures of meals, which Juuso has created for his friends and family out of ingredients, which he has collected by dumbster diving the bins of his local supermarkets. His presentation was made even more topical by some of our volunteers that were participating on the Food Not Bombs-camp (FNB).  As a part of FNB camp, the volunteers had been cooking meals out of donated food, which were then distributed in different locations around Helsinki, free of charge.


Overall it was an evening of grass-root level action, ”can do attitude” and positive thinking!

Awakening Awareness- Iniatitive in Mustarinda

As a part of the Mustarinda camp, KVT ran an  Awakening Awareness- workshop, which took place during the Helajuhla,  29th of May. You can follow the camp through a Mustarinda blog as well: http://mustarindagarden.wordpress.com/

As a part of the workshop the partcipants had a chance to think about the consumption of natural resources in their everyday life. The excercise was called the ”Ecological Rucksack”, which has been produced by Suomen Luonnosuojeluliitto and Kierrätyskeskus.

The second part of the workshop consisted of a excercise called the ”Water footprint”. So often people talk about the carbon footprint,where CO2 emissions and their impact on the environment can be mesured on individual basis, through online footprint calculators. The water footprint excercise, however, intends to make people more aware of the hidden water consumption in food production by showing how much water is needed to produce one kilogramme of carrots or an litre of orange juice etc.. Simple yet effective! Mustarinda. vesijalanjälki

Thanks for all those who participated!

Awakening Awareness- campaign continues during the Summer of 2014!

KVT has received further funding from the Foreign Ministry to develop our Global Education Initiative, and the focus this summer will be in sustainable environmental development and human rights. The aim is to bring global questions closer to small local communities in Finland and as a part of the project, KVT will continue to offer opportunities for immigrants and asylum seekers to take part in our summer camps. Please see a list of this summer’s camps here.

We are also looking for migrants who would be interested to participate in the planning and delivery of our workshops! If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

Further information can also be found from our webpages.


Flashback from 1995

While browsing the book ”Maailmantalkoissa KVT 1947-1997 Kansainvälistä vapaaehtoistyötä ja työleirejä”, which is a collection of essays that detail the history of KVT in a chronologic order, I was happy to find the following picture  and a small explanation about the picture that dates back to 1995.

KVT on osallistunut vuodesta 1995 lähtien SCI:n kansainväliseen Crossing- Borders -pakolaiskampanjaan, jota on toteutettu mm. välittämällä KVT:n leireille Suomessa asuvia pakolaisia ja turvapaikanhakijoita sekä järjestämällä työleireillä pakolaisaiheisia teemailtoja. Kuvassa KVT:läisiä osallistumassa awareness raising -peliin, jossa tuolien avulla havainnolistettiin väestön ja resurssien jakautumista maailmassa.

Since 1995 KVT has participated in the SCI International Crossing Borders refugee campaign, The campaigning has included sending asylum seekers and refugees to Finnish work camps and organising refugee-related happenings at work camps. The picture shows KVT activists playing awareness raising – game, which by the use of chairs aims to illustrate the division of the population and resources in the world

I was rather pleased to notice that KVT has been actively working with refugees and asylum seekers in Finland already in the 1990’s. Through this, one can also see  the grass-root level approach and a forward-looking attitude of KVT activists, as well as  the social responsibility embodied by the volunteers and their desire to develop KVT’s activities further.