Join us as camp leader for summer 2019!

Do you want to work for peace, solidarity and intercultural understanding? If your answer is yes, apply to be a camp leader on KVT’s volunteer work camps in Finland!

Being a camp leader is an enriching international voluntary work experience. Kansainvälinen vapaaehtoistyö ry (KVT) organises several camps around Finland this year and is inviting all the interested volunteers to apply to be a camp leader!

The camps take place from June to August, each lasts around 1-2 weeks and they bring together 8-12 volunteers from different countries and backgrounds to live and work for projects that benefit local communities and have an impact on a social, cultural or environmental level. The camp leader’s main task is to be the link and contact between local camp host, international volunteers and KVT office – a kind of a cultural messenger. You can see the description of the camps here.

PRACTICALITIES: A camp leader is basically a volunteer just like anyone else – the actual supervision is the responsibility of the camp host. However, the camp leaders do have some crucial additional tasks before, during and after the camp. These include: writing the camp info sheet for international volunteers, getting acquainted to the location and project, getting to know your fellow camp leader (in most KVT camps there will be two camp leaders), being a group unifier and helping to create a group spirit for organising the spare time activities, helping with the study part of the camp, and at the end – writing camp report.

REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of English is necessary and previous experience of volunteering and working with groups is an advantage. Of course the most important thing is that you are open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic and responsible. KVT expects all camp leaders to participate in camp leader training, which will be held in Helsinki on sat 11.5.2019 or sat/sun 8.-9.6.2019. The camp leader training is about the responsibilities and tasks of being a camp leader, multicultural working environment, group work methods, possible problems during the camp and some previous experiences from camp leaders.

Travel expenses are covered (according to cheapest public transport) for camp leaders for the training and also for the camp site (food and accommodation are provided during the camps too). Otherwise being a camp leader is unpaid and is done on a voluntary basis. 

If you want to be a camp leader send us email () and tell us a bit about you, your experience and what motivates you to apply to be a camp leader. You can also tell if you are interested in a specific camp or camps because it is good to have a few options. Tell us also in which camp leader training you could participate.

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