How to apply for camps?

Instructions on how to apply to voluntary workcamps and camps in the Global South!

1.     Application periods
2.     Fees

3.     Extra fees
4.     Travel costs
5.     Payment
6.     Filling in the application
7.     If you are unable to use the Online Placement System
8.     Motivation letter
9.     Visa
10.   Information after submitting the application
11.    Cancelling your participation
12.   Cancellation of camps
13.   After the camp

1. Application periods and the application process

The application is filled in via the Online Placement System. Applications to voluntary workcamps are open throughout the year, but application periods to most European camps start in February and continue through the spring. Most voluntary workcamps take place between May and September. Camps to the Global South are organized throughout the year.

We suggest that you apply to the camp of your choice early in the spring, when there is most likely still space on the camp. The camps are filled in the order of applications, and you cannot participate in a voluntary workcamp without applying first. However, camps are being published throughout the spring, and it is possible to apply any time before the beginning of the camp.

Processing the application can take a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, so please apply in good time before the start of the camp.

2. Fees

  • Camp coordination fee 90/110€ (global south: Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia)
  • KVT’s membership fee (if you are not already a member): Membership 20€/10€
  • You need to renew your KVT membership each year by paying an annual membership fee.

3. Extra fees

Normally, there are no additional fees for European camps. Normally camps in the global south have an extra fee. This is always mentioned in the camp description. The extra fee is normally paid in cash to the receiving organization or to the camp host, not to KVT. Normally there are larger extra fees (100-250€) on Southern camps, or on Icelandic camps. Smaller extra fees are occasionally paid for European camps.

4. Travel costs

The volunteer pays for their own travel costs to the camp site.

5. Payment

6. Filling in the application

The Online Placement System contains information about all camps around the world.

  • You can search for camps by country or by theme.
  • The application is filled in through the Online Placement System.
  • You can search for camps without registering.
  • The number of free spots on the camp can be seen in the camp description. The vacancies are partly updated manually, and all organizations do not use the system, so the information is not always up-to-date.

When you know you wish to apply:

  • Register and fill in all the required information.
  • Choose at least one, or a maximum of six camps to apply to. If you do not make it to your first choice, we will try the next choices in order.
  • If you wish to take part in many camps, fill in a separate application for each.
  • Remember to click the Final submission link on the last page of the application.

We do not inquire about vacancies on camps from the receiving organization before you have applied to the camp.

Remember that a sent application is a binding registration to the camp! If you do not get a spot on the camp, you can either apply to another camp or we will return your camp coordination fee.

7. If you are unable to use the Online Placement System

If, for some reason, you are unable to use the Online Placement System, fill in the application form for volunteers, and send it via e-mail to the KVT office: . You can find the application form as a word-file here applicationform2014.

However, we recommend filling in the application via the Online Placement System.

8. Motivation letter

Some camps require an additional motivation letter. If there is a mention of this in the camp description, write the letter according to the instructions in the Online Placement System.

9. Visa

Some countries that require a visa are Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Vietnam etc. The receiving organization will write you a letter of invitation, which we will then send to you. With this invitation letter, you can apply for a visa at that country’s embassy or office. The offices can be found online. Acquiring the visa and paying for it are the volunteer’s responsibility. In some cases, such as when going to Russia, it is easier and cheaper to get a visa via a travelling agency. Getting a visa may take up to six weeks, so you should start the process early!

10. Information after submitting the application

Information about getting accepted to a camp will come within a week of the application. If it takes longer than a week, you can contact the KVT office at .

In the acceptance message, we ask you to confirm your participation to the camp. In some cases, when attending camps in the Global South, the volunteer needs to send a criminal records extract after being accepted to the camp. In most cases this is when the volunteer will be working with children, youngsters or people with special needs. The extract costs 12€. After being accepted, the KVT office will send you further instructions on how to order the extract.

About a month before the start of the camp, you will receive an infosheet for the camp, which contains more information about the camp location, the work, the items you will be needing and instructions for travelling. Please contact the KVT office, if you do not receive the infosheet in good time.

11. Cancelling your participation

If you cannot attend the camp after all, inform the KVT office about this as soon as possible. We can only return half of the camp coordination fee, and this is when there is a very pressing reason for the cancellation. Remember that a late cancellation, or not attending the camp and not informing KVT about this, normally means that the vacancy will not be filled. This can a nuisance to the camp host, the receiving organization and KVT.

12. Cancellation of camps

If the camp is cancelled, we will inform you as soon as we get informed about this. If you wish, we can try to get you a spot on another camp, but if this does not work for you, we will return your camp coordination fee. Workcamps are very rarely cancelled. KVT does not reimburse any travel or other expenses caused by the cancellation of a camp.

13. After the camp

After the camp, we hope to get feedback from you. In addition to filling in the feedback form, you are welcome to come to talk about your experiences in KVT’s trainings and info evenings, or to write about them on our website. Photographs are also always welcome!

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