Camps in the Global South

Camps in the Global South – Who can participate?

Basic information

  • In Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia
  • Duration: 10 days to 4 weeks
  • Price: camp coordination fee 110€ and KVT’s membership fee 20€/10€, plus an additional camp fee for the hosting organization
  • Age: 18-99
  • Application period: throughout the year
  • Previous experience: it is recommended that you have previous experience from a workcamp or similar voluntary work
  • Camp locations can be found in the Online Placement System.

For whom?

Camps in the Global South are suitable for those who:

  • want to travel to Asia, Africa or Latin America
  • have a couple of weeks to give to voluntary work
  • are at least 18 or 20 years old
  • have experience from voluntary workcamps or similar international activities
  • are interested in adapting to the local culture
  • have sufficient language skills

What are camps in the Global South?

Camps in the Global South are otherwise similar to other voluntary workcamps, but these camps are organized in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Southern camps are organized throughout the year. The conditions on the camps are normally very simple, and notably different from those in Finland.

Camps in the Global South do not normally have as many volunteers as camps in for instance Europe. In many Southern countries, it is possible to participate in many consecutive camps, and to get to know the hosting organization’s projects more thoroughly. This makes it possible to spend a longer time in the destination.

Southern camps normally include an additional fee that covers the cost of the volunteer’s accommodation and also supports the local organization.

It is good for participants to Southern camps to be at least 18 years of age, and to have previous experience from a voluntary work camp, from independent travels or other international activities, or to otherwise have achieved sufficient maturity.

Camps in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Turkey are included in the basic camps, so there is no requirement to take part in trainings when participating in these camps.

On a camp in the South you can, for example:

  • Plant mangrove trees in Indonesia
  • Fix up a school in Tanzania
  • Play with children in Thailand
  • Get acquainted with permaculture and agroecology in Mexico


KVT organizes training for long-term volunteers and participants to Southern camps three or four times a year. Normally the trainings take place in Helsinki and last one day. The training deals with cultural encounters and practical things, and you can meet other volunteers with personal experience from volunteering in the South.


Participants to Southern camps do not receive SCI’s insurance, so the volunteers must get their own travel insurance.

Language skills

In some countries, such as the French-speaking countries in Africa, or in Latin American countries, there may be a requirement to know at least some French or Spanish. This is mentioned in the camp description. In other cases, English will suffice.

After the camp

When you have returned from your camp, you are most welcome to join KVT’s activities in Finland, by for instance taking part in the development group for Southern camps and long term volunteering. Read more about possible activities here! We organize an annual event each autumn for all KVT’s returned volunteers. There you can meet other volunteers, and share your experiences.

What does it cost?

The camp co-ordination fee for Southern camps is 110€, and KVT’s membership fee is 10/20€. There is also an additional fee for each camp, which is normally 100 to 300€, depending on the project. The additional fee covers accommodation and food during the camp and it is payed at the location to the receiving organization or camp host.

In some cases, after being accepted to the camp, the volunteer must provide the KVT office with their criminal records extract, especially when the volunteer will be working with children, young people, or handicapped people. The extract costs 12€. After you have been accepted to the camp, KVT will send more specific instructions on how to order the extract.

How to apply? See our specific application instructions here.

For more information! Read the Guide for camp participants (in Finnish): LeirilleLähtijänOpas2017_fin

Please direct your questions and messages regarding Southern camps to / +358451049829

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