Are you an asylum seeker living in Finland?

KVT is looking for asylums seekers to join KVT’s camps in Finland in summer 2020!

WHY JOIN OUR CAMPS? International workcamps bring people together to work for a common goal in projects which benefit the local communities. Voluntary workcamps create new shared experiences and friendships between people of all ages and backgrounds. Attending an international voluntary  workcamp is a great way to volunteer in Finland, and to be an active part of society.

The asylum seekers participating in our workcamps will only need to pay KVT’s 20/10 euro membership fee. KVT will pay for the travels, and food and accommodation during the camp are free.

Download the Application form.

Three years ago, Ibrahim, an asylum seeker from Somalia, participated in two workcamps. Read about his experiences in KVT’s blog.

More information and applications: /+358 45 3422320

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