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EVS vacancies in Russia! 7 projects for 2016-2017!

Projects in Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod – one of the biggest and the most beautiful cities of Russia. There are a lot of cultural heritage and historical places. Climate are very humid because of two rivers Oka and Volga. There are plenty places to spend free time for a different taste. Also you can easily discover other big cities of Russia because of its location

1.Special (correctional) Primary School Nursery 6 of the form no. 365

The main field of work:

The school aimed to creation of conditions for improving the quality of education, health improvement and recovery processes during the transition to new models of education for children with developmental problems.

Objectives of the organization:

  • Forming the optimal level of preparation of pupils to study in the next stage of general education.
  • Improving conditions for maximum correction and compensation of disturbed psycho-physical features of pupils and students.
  • Stimulating creativity of teachers to create educational programs and professional development and promotion of the positive experience of staff.
  • Expanding rehabilitation route for graduates of institutions due to their inclusion in mainstream education (inclusion and integration).

Description of work:

The project is aimed to social rehabilitation and social inclusion of disabled children. The project is targeted on individual supervising of disabled child by EVS volunteer and training of basic social skills as well as mental development activities in this process. The second line of volunteer’s activity is organizing of group meetings and making workshops for disabled children depending on skills and interests of volunteer (it can be musical, art of handcraft workshops).

Possible tasks for the volunteer in the project are:

  • to develop mental and social skills of children through their communication and common activities with volunteers
  • to provide children who can’t leave home with opportunities to participate in social life and to communicate with the world
  • to help children with crafts and sport lessons
  • to organize creative workshops for children

There are optional tasks for the volunteers. S/he can organize English clubs, games for the children, if the volunteer has enough knowledge. And also volunteer can be asked by the staff of organization to help to prepare materials for lessons, games, manuals etc. as well as to translate necessary information about organizations into English or volunteer’s native languages to make that information available for international community (if the volunteer has skills to do it).

Volunteers needed: 2

Starting date – 01/09/16-01/07/2017

We preferably need someone who is ready to work with disabled children, patient and tolerant person, with basic knowledge of Russian.

2.Nizhny Novgorod region non-governmental organization of assistance to children and youth «Veras»

About  the organization:

The primary objective of the organization is creation to children and young people with disabilities equal opportunities of participation in the life of society, their social adaptation and integration into society.

In February 2004 for the first time in the city of Nizhny Novgorod  on the basis of the municipal establishment of help to children and family “Zhuravushka” has opened Service of social adaptation of children and youth with disabilities “Steps”. 14 children and young people from 5 till 20 years, having autism, Down syndrome, learning and other combined limitations, daily visit day-stay groups of the Service “Steps”, where they are engaged in creativity, transactions, visit musical occupations, exercise room, bowling. The majority of these children and young people have never attended any educational establishment before, as they were recognized to be “unteachable”; many have never been somewhere outside their flat and the yard, communicating only with close relatives.

Specially worked out comprehensive program of rehabilitation and social adaptation  “Steps” enables these children and young people to receive adaptive training, to be integrated step-by-step into society, to develop skills of self-service. This program is based on the attitude to the person with disabilities as to the individual, who, except for elementary needs, has also rights to education, self-expression, communication with other people and development of the personal potential.

Our implements following activities:

  • affiliation of parents for protection of rights of children with features in development;
  • social and psychological rehabilitation of children and youth with disabilities, as well as their parents;
  • creation of centers of social adaptation for children and young invalids,
  • organization of support employment, vocational training of the young people with disabilities;
  • organization of seminars for specialists, parents, teenagers and young people;
  • holding conferences on exchange of the experience;
  • attraction of the societies’ attention to problems of people with disabilities, development and promotion of the community based rehabilitation programs.

The primary activities of the volunteers are:

Our organization can offer a wide range of activities for EVS volunteers. First of all, they can help in the day-stay centre where children and youngsters with different disabilities stay during the day. The tasks for the volunteer are: playing with children, helping them in socially-domestic adapting, making small workshops on handicrafts. Our pedagogues are ready to teach volunteer working with our children. We have a thoroughly prepared program of activities for developing children’s intellectual and speaking abilities, and volunteer will help in carrying out different lessons and give personal assistance to children. If the volunteer can play any musical instrument, he could arrange musical hours for children.

During summer holidays, our children go to the summer camp “Young Nizhegorodets” (about 60 km from the city). There’s a possibility that the volunteer will stay there with children, carrying out the same activities, but mostly outside.

Nowadays we’re also launching a pilot project, within the program of which people from 18 years suffering from autism are taught to live independently and integrate into the community. Help of the volunteers might also be needed there. Volunteer together with the pedagogue would accompany our clients, helping them with cooking, walking with them, going with them to the shop etc.

But the work of our organization is not just everyday working with children, we’re also always ready to develop and go further. Thus, volunteer will have the opportunity to take part in our conferences, help with fundraising and take part in numerous events we’re organizing (sport, cultural, educational, etc.).

We involve volunteers into our day-to day activities and normally they’re working in one group during their whole project – depending on the age of children. First we discuss with them what age group they think is most suitable for them, and if they don’t feel like it’s ok for them, they go to the other group where it’s most comfortable for them.

Selection’s process:

Volunteers will be selected on the following criteria:

  • readiness and motivation to work with our target group – disabled people (it would be favourable if volunteer was planning to work in this field in the future or worked before). Volunteer should fully realize all possible difficulties he may face in the beginning of the project
  • readiness to work hard, because it’s not so easy to work in conditions different from the ones he had in his own country
  • readiness to learn Russian and to communicate in Russian.

Volunteers needed: 2.

Dates of the project – 01/09/16-01/07/2017 and 01/12/2016-01/09/2017.

3.Kirov center of culture and tourism

Main activities:

  • Help and participationin the actionsand events organized by the Center team: international camps, meetings, trainings, conferences;
  • Preparation and realization of the foreign language conversation clubs for people to study a language in a non-formal way;
  • In summer volunteers can work in the international workcamps organized by the Center (June-September) Camp «Tramplin» (June — July, Sovetsk, Kirov region), Paleontological camp ”In the footsteps of dinosaurs ”(August, Kotelnich, Kirov region)
  • Preparing and showing presentations for students about participation in international voluntary projects;
  • Besides, volunteers will have a chance to realize their own voluntary projects with help of the Center staff

The project ”Intercultural Dialogue”.

In this project we are working with the regions of the Kirov region. Foreign volunteers together with the staff travel to areas to meet with students and students in advance on both sides are preparing the program (presentation of the country, EVS, games, dancing and so on) Within the live-action kids are communicating with each other. (September-June, Kirov region)

Volunteers needed: 1

Dates of the project – 01/09/16 – 01/07/17

We preferably need someone who is open to work people, enjoy nature and camping, and energetic person.

4.The state general education institution ”Kirov Lyceum of physics and mathematics”

The Lyceum of physics and mathematics is one of the leaders in school educational system in Kirov region. It was founded in 1988 as a secondary school and in 1991 it got the high status of Lyceum. The main aim of the Lyceum is the early detection, training and education of children with intellectual and creative talents.

The Lyceum was declared as the best in education system on the regional and state level several times.

Description of work:

1.    Preparation and realization lessons of non-formal education for children and teenagers;

2.    Participation in the actions and events spent by employees of school;

3.    The volunteers will have the opportunity to create own group of students (patrol), which will be directed on physical and cultural development of children, self-affirmation and increasing of activity of adults;

4.    Volunteer could help students in different activities in the Lyceum museum and Lyceum newspaper;

5.    Volunteer will have possibility organize leisure time, workshops, and game process for students of the Lyceum;

6.    Volunteers will be asked to help active groups at the Lyceum, Students Council and Students Scientific Community in organization of different kinds of events, such as organizing conferences, concerts, festivals.

Volunteers needed: 1

Dates of the project – 01/09/16 – 01/07/17

We preferably need someone who is open to working with children and has ideas for implementing within their free time.

5.Centre for work with children, youth and family ”KALEYDOSKOP”

The main aim of the Centre is creating conditions for development and support of initiatives, personal self-determination and self-realization of children, youth and families, and promoting their involvement into governmental, economical and social processes occurring on the territory of the municipality of Kirov. All our activities aimed on three groups: children, youth, families. The main attention we pay for work with families because it is the basic social institution. Working with families we work at the same time with children and youth and effect of our work is more systematic and long-term.

The main tasks of our activities are the following:

  • Organization and implementation of activities, intended for work with children and youth;
  • Participation in the prevention of antisocial behavior in adolescents, youth and families;
  • Participation in ensuring the conditions for the development of physical culture and sports, organization of sports and recreational activities for children, youth and families;
  • Participation in the creation of conditions for public entertainment of children, youth and families;
  • Participation in support of socially-oriented non-profit organizations, charities and volunteerism;
  • Participation in informing about the activities of local governments.

To perform these tasks, we implement the following activities:

  • Work of associations of interest for children, adolescents, youth and families;
  • Implementing social and cultural activities;
  • Identifying and support of social initiatives of children, adolescents, youth, families; their including into social and meaningful activities of the local community;
  • Organizing sports events outdoors or indoors for professionals and amateurs;
  • Activities to promote training and sports events;
  • Activities of information services to provide legal, statistical, socio-economic and other information;
  • Activities of associations that contribute to solving social problems and challenges: they have patriotic purposes including war veterans association, the activities of groups united by common interests (communication clubs, volunteer agencies, etc.), activities the youth councils, children and youth organizations, clubs, etc.;
  • Activities related to the creation and use of databases and information resources, including Internet resources, providing search services by Internet portals;
  • Providing social services under the authority of local government municipality The City of Kirov: expert advice on matters of education, philanthropy, advice on marriage and family.

Volunteers needed: 2

Dates of the project – 01/09/16 – 01/07/17

We preferably need someone who is ready to organize events, show initiative and with basic knowledge of Russian.

6.Leninsky district organization of the Kirov Region organization of the All-Russian NGO “All-Russian Society of the Disabled”

There’re several fields where volunteer can be involved and he/she can choose from the activities offered, once he gets to know the organization better:

  • help with sport exercises of invalids in their sport hall (accompanying them, help with sport equipment adjustment, ensuring that they’re doing everything right)
  • help with work department together with teenagers (being together with them during cleaning snow, painting fences, doing some gardening work)
  • help with post office work (sending letters from the post office, delivering newspapers to invalids)
  • photo/video shooting of events of the organization – organization and implementation of dancing nights for elderly people (volunteer can be DJ or sound-check person)
  • taking part in sport and artistic events of the organization (being a judge during tournaments and contests, taking part in theatrical performances and games)
  • taking part in social grant projects being realized at the current moment in the organization – taking part in creating available environment for the invalids (doing measurements inside and outside of buildings, counting lifts and lifting equipment for invalids in the buildings and public spaces etc. and writing all of this down)
  • teaching foreign language to the invalids
  • implementation of his/her own initiatives and ideas (mini-project) We’ll explain and give all necessary instructions to the volunteer before starting of the work. No special qualification is needed for these activities. We’ll work in the spirit of non-formal education and learning. Volunteer will learn how to work in a team, how to plan time, we’ll be able to teach him/her project management and he/she’ll see how the project is implemented, which stages it goes through etc. Volunteer will manage to learn Russian through direct communication with us and our clients. Volunteer will learn how to be tolerant and open to people with fewer opportunities and disabilities. He’ll learn to be responsible. Apart from regular activities we’ll encourage volunteer to create something new and we’ll provide all necessary help and assistance to implement his/her own mini-projects. All regular activities described here are activities fully supported by our local volunteers, so volunteer will never be alone and will always be shown how to deal with things/guided (especially in the first months of the project).

We preferably need someone who is ready to organize events, energetic and open, show initiative and with basic knowledge of Russian.

Volunteers needed: 1

Dates of the project – 01/12/16 – 01/06/17

Population of the town is 34000 people.

This cute little town is extremely famous around the whole Russia for its handicrafts richness. The town is very old and now is a big touristic center for those who want to experience real Russia. It is located 53 kms from a huge city Nizhny Novgorod, and has all the charm of historical ”true” Russian town. So, living here allows you to experience life of a true Russian town and have easy access to all the advantages of a big city located just 53 kms away. Located on the shore of huge river Volga, it’s also important transport hub. Around Gorodets there’s also the biggest artificial lake of the region – so called Gorky sea, which starting from spring becomes very popular destination for local people. .

In Gorodets there’s everything you need for quality living – sport clubs, numerous museums, bars and clubs, cultural centres, shops and hospitals and banks, however the town is small and it’s easier to get to know local community better and get acquainted with the people.

7.Gorodets psychoneurological internat

About the organization:

Gorodets psychoneurological internat is state budgetary institution of Nizhny Novgorod region, which is part of the system of social care. It’s over 50 years old, there’re 600 people living in the establishment, there’re 365 employees. The main aim of the establishment is realization of the right of elderly people and disabled people for stationary social care.

There’re several departments in the institution:

  • General department
  • Rehabilitation department
  • Charity department
  • Intensive care department
  • Department for elderly people
  • Dormitory for young disabled
  • Department of supervision of disabled by social care specialists

There’re several types of medical care provided in the establishment.

Main aim of the institution is complex rehabilitation: social, medical, labor, sport etc.

The primary activities of the volunteers are:

Therefore there’re 4 main parts – creative work, occupational therapy, sport and general assistance (individual work – walking and communication).

We think that volunteers will be involved into care for disabled people, like walking with them outside for example (sometimes staff of organization don’t have time for everyone, however fresh air is very important for rehabilitation). We see a volunteer as a friend to the accompanied disabled person, someone who’ll be able to spend time, to listen and to talk. Talking and sharing thoughts, maybe some concerns and problems probably has great positive effect on the psychological state of our clients and we really believe that volunteers who are usually open-minded and friendly people will be able to become such friends to our clients. Volunteers will also be involved into numerous creative activities which we offer – painting, sewing, creating poems, various handicrafts etc. This is part of socialization of disabled people, so called socio-cultural program, as clients need more ”live” communication while doing their regular activities and volunteers will be accompanying them in this. This can be both individual and group work, depending on desire and abilities of the volunteer. Apart from that, volunteers interested in sport can spend time with our clients in the sport hall, in the gym. Also, our clients are involved into certain activities aimed at developing their domestic skills and into occupational therapy, therefore volunteers can be involved in this too, helping with some gardening work, small cleaning, showing how to deal with domestic stuff etc.

Volunteers will have opportunity to choose what fits them best and be involved in it. We’re also open to new ideas and suggestions from them. We’ll be looking for balance between regular and creative activities of the volunteers.

We’re planning to have balance between volunteer’s learning and service and not just ask volunteer to be involved into routine tasks, but also to offer them space for self-development and realization of their own ideas on our base.

Volunteers needed: 2

Dates of the project – 01/02/16 – 01/12/17 and 01/03/16 – 01/01/17

If you’re interested to apply, please send application form: Application Sfera-Russia, to by 30 November. Please mention the name of organization that you’re applying for. IMPORTANT! last page of the application form is to be filled in by your sending organization. Without it, application will not be considered.

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