Wanted: camp coordinators for voluntary work camps in Finland

Would you like to gain experience of working with an international group, enhance your leadership skills, perhaps get to know new places and local communities in Finland, while contributing to building a world of peace and understanding? Join our 2024 work camps as a voluntary coordinator!

KVT’s work camps are organized in different parts of Finland, in collaboration with a local community or non-profit organization acting as a camp host that organizes the work for the volunteers and provides them with food and accommodation in return. Participants in our camps are international volunteers of diverse backgrounds, either joining the camp from abroad through the network of our international umbrella organization SCI or already living in Finland.

We are searching 1-2 coordinators for each of the following camps (please consult our volunteer and exchange coordinator at for latest updates):

Autumn Harvest & Human and Animal Well-being 2.9. – 16.9.2024, Jokioinen

Please check out a more comprehensive list of our work camps for detailed descriptions.

Before the camp, camp coordinators participate KVT’s training and write an info sheet for the participants of their camp, with help from the camp host and KVT. During the camp, main tasks of the camp coordinator are to help build group spirit among the volunteers, to help the host with coordination of the daily life of the camp, and to facilitate communication between the international volunteer group, KVT and the local camp host.

Open and active attitude are the most important features for a camp coordinator. You will also need English skills sufficient for everyday communication (some Finnish might be helpful too but not a requirement). Having some previous experience of voluntary work or group activities is also an advantage.

Camp coordinators don’t get paid, but trips to the camp coordinator training and to the camp are reimbursed and food and accommodation provided during the camp. Camp coordinators receive a certificate of their work after the camp. If you are a student, you can ask your own educational institution if camp coordination could earn you credits. As a camp coordinator, you will also need to be KVT’s member.

This year we will organize two camp coordinator trainings in Helsinki: on May 18-19 and June 8-9. Each camp coordinator should attend one of these. The training includes information and workshops on various topics, including the role and tasks of the camp leader, group dynamics, intercultural encounters, and how to deal with possible problem situations during the camp. In addition, the training provides information on the history, ideology and activities of KVT and our international umbrella organization SCI.

Got interested? Great! Please drop us a message at and tell us 1) who you are and your contact information, 2) which camp you would like to be a camp leader in (one or three options are good to have), and 3) why you want to be a camp leader. You can also tell us if you have previous experience of voluntary workcamps, other similar group activities, or if you have some other useful skills or experience.

Feel free to be in touch also if you have any questions about a particular camp or would like to learn more about camp coordinator’s tasks in general!