Climate for Peace & Justice Camp in Nigeria

Climate for Peace and JusticeEnvironmental Camp

PROJECT: Climate for Peace & Justice Camp

DATE: 10TH – 30TH MAY 2014

25 vols – International


Create a Climate for Peace campaign has been initiated to strengthen this message both within and outside SCI. Throughout various branches and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America there will be many activities and workcamps which would be centered on the campaign theme. This workcamp is one of the first CCP Workcamp to hold so we are delighted to welcome you to our Create a Climate for Peace workcamp in Eruwa. This page contains some specific information and practical tips about the workcamp, please take your time to go through.

When is it beginning?

The CCP workcamp commences on 10 May 2014 and ends on 20 May 2014, For other participants not included in the YiW programme, they will have 2 weeks extra stay within the community of Eruwa for at least 12 more days to continue on similar project in Eruwa. So the Camp closes on 30th May 2014.

What about the accommodation and living conditions?

The workcamp will take place at the YMCA youth hostel in Eruwa-Oyo state. Living conditions will be basic with limited access to electricity and internet. Volunteers will live together in a most sustainable and communal way, and will actively participate in the daily running the workcamp that sits within a culturally respectful framework.

Work to be done/Activities

Work will be based on the ethics of sustainability and more engaging in local crop production practices. Participants do not require previous knowledge in agriculture, as work will be supervised by the farm manager. You will work mainly on local farms, participating in local crop farming and fish farming. Much of farm clearing, seed planting, watering the ridges and crops, plowing and harvesting will be done. Participants will also visit a local school to engage young pupils in workshops and stimulate their awareness on environmental issues in relation to climate justice and peace.

About the Eruwa Community

Eruwa is a town of about 40,000 people in the western region of Nigeria. Eruwa landscape consist of old hard rocks and dome shaped hills which rise gently from 500meters to 1000meters, the climate is equatorial notably with dry and wet seasons with relatively high humidity. Temperature varies from 26-35 degrees all year round. The town is majorly agrarian society, nowadays more people are employed into civil service and more micro business enterprises are sprouting. The language popularly spoken is Yorubá (with Eruwan dialect) and English.

X: Volunteer should come with working tools like hand gloves, boots, games and high motivation for the project.


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