Awakening Awareness- Iniatitive in Mustarinda

As a part of the Mustarinda camp, KVT ran an  Awakening Awareness- workshop, which took place during the Helajuhla,  29th of May. You can follow the camp through a Mustarinda blog as well:

As a part of the workshop the partcipants had a chance to think about the consumption of natural resources in their everyday life. The excercise was called the ”Ecological Rucksack”, which has been produced by Suomen Luonnosuojeluliitto and Kierrätyskeskus.

The second part of the workshop consisted of a excercise called the ”Water footprint”. So often people talk about the carbon footprint,where CO2 emissions and their impact on the environment can be mesured on individual basis, through online footprint calculators. The water footprint excercise, however, intends to make people more aware of the hidden water consumption in food production by showing how much water is needed to produce one kilogramme of carrots or an litre of orange juice etc.. Simple yet effective! Mustarinda. vesijalanjälki

Thanks for all those who participated!

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