Ympäristönkasvatusta Rauhanasemalla -Workshop on Environmental Education

As a part of the initiative an evening workshop on environmental education was held in Rauhanasema.The aim of the workshop was to involve some of our camphosts and guestspeakers alike. The idea to involve our camphosts came about very naturally, because we were having two workcamps running simultaneously in  Helsinki area in early July. The activities of the evening were all related to food consumerism and food consumption.

The representative from the Herttoniemi food-cooperative, Galina Kallio, gave an insightful account into the Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) in Finland. We had an chance to learn how and when CSA came to Finland as well as to gain a better understanding of basic principles and ideals behind CSA. To realise how widespread the ideology of CSA has been, Yingly Guo gave an account on emerging forms of CSA in China.

Pelkkää Roskaa?-näyttely

An another interesting presentation was delivered by Juuso Vähä-Piikkiö, whose photoexhibition ”Just Rubbish? visualised very effectively the amount of food that supermarkets throw away on a daily basis. The photoexhibition consisted of pictures of meals, which Juuso has created for his friends and family out of ingredients, which he has collected by dumbster diving the bins of his local supermarkets. His presentation was made even more topical by some of our volunteers that were participating on the Food Not Bombs-camp (FNB).  As a part of FNB camp, the volunteers had been cooking meals out of donated food, which were then distributed in different locations around Helsinki, free of charge.


Overall it was an evening of grass-root level action, ”can do attitude” and positive thinking!

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