Weekend of Action: Sunday 19th Library of Peace

The Weekend of Action continues on Sunday the 19th of October, when the Awakening Awareness- initiatitive hosts a Library of Peace at the Peacestation in Pasila. The event will take place between 12-16. The event is open for all and there will also be storytelling for children!


The aim of the event is to discuss human rights, in theory as well as in practice. What  are human rights, who has the right to have rights and how do they represent themselves in an everyday life. We will learn through the stories of our speakers what do human rights mean in practice and how they have affected their lives.

12.00 Introduction

12.15- 13.00

Hope Nwosu will discuss her adaptation into a Finnish culture from her Nigerian background and read short cuts from her new novel.


Angelina Arial will accommodate an exercise related to the independence of South Sudan and she will also discuss the current political situation and activities related to peace building in Southern Sudan.


Oksana Chelyseva is a Ukrainian journalist currently living in Finland. Oksana will be addressing the concept of human rights  in Russia as well as  Ukraine, paying special attention to the current conflict in Ukraine.

14.30 Break


Awakening Awareness-film from Lieksa (2013)

Share your  thoughts and books:

If some of your favourite books, or books that have affected your way of thinking are related to peace/human rights, please feel free to bring them along and share them with others.  You are also welcome to read extracts from them during the breaks.

Tea & coffee, snacks and Iranian vegetarian soup will also be on offer!


All Welcome!

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