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Manu - Emanuela Piccolo 2014Uusin vapaaehtoinen valokeilassa on Emanuela Piccolo, KVT:n johtokunnan jäsen ja KVT:n italialaisen kumppanijärjestön SCI Italian pitkäaikainen vapaaehtoinen.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Emanuela, I originally come from Italy and at the moment (well, probably for some years yet…!) I am PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki, where I study the prospects and limitations of institutional (or legal) cosmopolitanism. How can we achieve a more just and peaceful order? … This is more or less the question I am struggling to answer…!

Why and when did you start to do voluntary work?

It was almost 15 years ago, when I was a young teenager (time runs really fast!). I was happily dragged in by one of my best friend, Diana, with whom I took part in my first workcamp in the island of Sardinia (Italy). That’s how everything started!

How did you end up volunteering with KVT?

After many years of (burning) love and voluntary work in the beautiful and hot Palestine (and other Middle Eastern countries), I needed some fresh air! So I came in 2011 to work as a long term volunteer (LTV) in support of the second edition of a wonderful project, “Maailmantalkoot” – World Volunteering” (today still greatly alive under the name of “Yhteistä Ymmärrystä”) on the topics of global education and social inclusion.

Emanuela Piccolo 2014 Libertà!What have you done with KVT?

Aside from my long term volunteering service, I have become first an active member and then a board member. Today I try to contribute to the life of the organization together with my fellow KVTers as much as I can and, I am primarily involved in the planning and delivering of peace and global educations trainings and initiatives.

What is the best thing being a KVT volunteer?

KVT and SCI merely provides me with the framework to be an active citizenship and do my share in the global struggle against injustice!!!

Your message to people who are interested in KVT and in voluntary work?

It’s never too late to get involved and KVT doors are open to ALL! Join us, we are waiting for you!

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