Trip to the North!

So now has the hustle and bustle really started, when I started my visitits by going to the reception centers in the northern part of Finland, and our next in turn town, Kärsämäki, to be conquered with our international camp. I had a very lively takeoff, since I returned last weekend frIMG_0475om a European comissions Africa-Europe Youth Cooperation training in Cape Verde via Lisboa and Geneva. As my first returning challenge I noticed that the e-mails that I had sent with the faible internet connection of the island, hadn’t been able to travel overseas to their destinations  and I started my rollback with an instant phonecall ring. After fixing new schedules I succeeded in finding myself early enough by one minute in the tuesday evenings night train continuing my trip from Cape Verde to Kemi! For once I am grateful for VR:s delayed schedules, as I classily woke up , exhausted from all the traveling as my excuse, at 9.16, when the train was supposed to stop in Kemi at 9.08. For my rescue I noticed that the train is slowing down and I rushed through all the doors to the platform and well… Welcome to Kemi!



First place to visit was the reception center of Kemi, where I met two haIMG_0480ppy participants going to the World Village camp and a group of habitants, among which many interested in our camps. They surprised the staff by being on time by Finnish means, unlike some of us, still living in the African timedimension.. In program after a info event we had organizing a fleemarket, free socializing and afternoon coffee along with going through the second hand stuff.

I thank you all for a warm and a cosy chaos-oriented welcoming and especially Suvi for waking me up with morning coffee and taking care of the organizing. I’ll certainly get back to you after summer and I wish to see many of you on our camps!

IMG_0487 IMG_0494



From Kemi I continuIMG_0511ed via Oulu to Kärsämäki, where a multiwonderwoman Jaana welcomed me and we got to plan the camp of Kärsämäki. The place is charming, and I’m sure that the camp will be great and productive. So meet you soon in Kärsämäki!




Rovaniemi, where the buildings are low and the apartments are distIMG_0527ractingly huge, welcomed me with it’s nightly light not before midnight, since the trains seem to be late also when they are not trying to save me.. It was great to see Nawid, who has been working with us for many years now, who showed me the city and the reception center.


So thank you Kemi, Kärsämäki and Rovaniemi and the wonderful people there for welcoming me and arranging time for our meetings. I look forward to our co-operation! A lot of hugs also to Hanna and to Heidi wondering now somewhere around the world for accomodating me again with short notice..

So begin the meetings in our multicultural motherland!

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