Leirinvetäjä haussa! Campleader needed!

Etsimme vielä yhtä leirinvetäjää loppukesän leirille Kärkisaareen! Lue leirin kuvaus alta, innostu ja lähde leirinvetäjäksi tai vinkkaa vaikka kaverille! Täältä löydät lisätietoa leirinvetäjäksi hakemisesta.

We are still looking for a leader for The Kärkisaari Island volunteer work camp! You can find the description of the camp below. In case you got excited and want to become a leader, you can find more information here!



Number of volunteers: 10

Description: The island of Kärkisaari, just 6km from the city of Kotka, has a long history of being the place for locals to relax, swim and enjoy their free time. Unfortunately, the island was closed for many years and the charm of the area has been forgotten by the citizens of Kotka. Tuulenpuu is the organization, which renovated and reopened the place in 2013 aiming at bringing the people back to the island and making it again the place for anyone to enjoy their time. Tuulenpuu funds itself by running a B&B and a restaurant, rents the venue, organizes different community events, trainings and offers a working space for local entrepreneurs and organization and much more.

Type of Work: Clearing beach and the paths on the island. Also, the volunteers will plan and run their own activity/activities in an open house event on Sunday 4th September, when the locals are invited to visit Kärkisaari. This event will be planned together at the beginning of the camp, but please bring with you some ideas how you would like to contribute and share your own culture!

Study Theme: The history of the island and the area. Tuulenpuu is also specialized in running a great variety of workshops related to well being and culture and these options can be discussed at the beginning of the camp.

Accommodation: In a cute cottage next to the main building, sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Please bring your own sleeping bag or bed sheets. Showers and the sauna are in a separate building and there is an outdoor toilet. Lunches and dinners will be provided in the main building.

Language: English

Requirements: Interest and motivation towards the tasks described above. The participants should bring their own robber boots and sleeping bags.

Location: Kotka, South-East Finland

Notes: For the free time the participants can swim, use the sauna and the boat and take the local transportation to Kotka town.

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